About Us



SINOMAKE INDUSTRY CO., LTD. is a high-tech company which is committed to research, manufacture and application of plastic injection magnet; Ndfbe magnet; Smco magnet; Alnico magnet; Magnetic assembly; plastic injection mold service; 3D Printing service. Specialize in producing plastic injection magnet used in motors, pumps.

Our advantages: we firmly believe that, superior quality is the only way to gain customers, as well as to ensure the continuous development. We offer variety of magnet with high energy and good coherence. Meanwhile, the company has injection molding machine, cutting machines, numerical controlled linear cutting machine and grinding equipments. All the product molds are designed and manufactured by ourselves.

Our company situated in Ningbo near the Deep water Port; the convenient transportation and a sound industrial chain has guarantee us a prompt response for any requirements from customers.

With the development of company, SINOMAKE INDUSTRY CO.,LTD (Sinomake Industry) has been entered micro magnets area for high precision application, e.g.Micro motor, CDROM-Pickup,Camera lens transmission device etc.

Product Variety

Complete products, one-stop service

Precision Equipment

Advanced inspection and measurement equipment

Refined Handicrafts

Rigorous internal quality management system

Professional Engineer

Design and development of new products

Our belief for quality: Our Company has full quality control system and advanced testing methods. ISO9001 quality management system is strictly implemented in the production process and all the products fully meet ROHS requirements.

Our Brand: Nowadays, After many years developing.the Sinomake Magnet gradually establish the brand for credit standing and respectability, the is registered trade mark of SINOMAKE.